Saturday, August 13, 2005

Well, so far so good.

Who would have thought that a Luddite like I would end up with a blog? I can rather see that this could become addicting.

Time to introduce some of the cast of characters:

The Dog is the Irish Wolfhound, 3 year old neutered male, sweetest boy on the face of the earth, most sociable boy on the face of the earth. Smartest? Not so much. Cannot multi-task. Walks into objects while watching people on the other side of the street. Surpassingly huggable.

The Big Dogs are two terrier mixes, 12 years old, far smarter individually AND collectively than either me or The Dog. They rule the house and have done since I got them as wee puppies.

At present the Big Dogs are asleep in the bedroom and The Dog is asleep, farting gently but fragrantly, at my feet. He and I took a three mile walk earlier. He actually was able to heel successfully through a pile of windfall apples, the measure of success being that he did not grab a single one. I had to talk to him seriously first though. "You are THREE YEARS OLD," I said. "YOU CAN DO THIS." His eyes replied, "But why ever would I WANT to do this?" Cuts to the chase every time and forces me to resort to The Mommy Voice: "Because I said so. Windfall apples in quantity are not good for you. And besides they are Not Ours."

Starting CPE next week. Have been told it is like group therapy in the midst of crisis. Somewhat nervous. Also very excited. I did my basic field placement with this agency, and during my final evaluation session with my supervisor I mentioned that I was having a hard time finding a CPE opportunity; that's when he told me about this extended unit that he is offering.

There have been a few of these coincidences that make the hairs on the back of my head stand up. Praying for a sign that giving up a steady job could be really right--and getting one (long story). Qualifying for a scholarship. Finding out about/applying for/being accepted into this CPE unit. There is something to this "openness/seeking/trust" stuff that is hard for me to really grasp. When, if ever, will I learn to say, "I can do this?" Will God get tired of me asking, "Are you sure??? Are you sure it is OK for me to do this? Are you sure I *can* do this??"

I have to go finish a newsletter that is due, and I want to spend some time with Tuesdays With Morrie. It's required for the first CPE group meeting. I finished it in a rush and want to go back in a more thoughtful manner. I cried when Morrie died. I think that was the idea, or part of it!


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