Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Back again with another note from my Advance Directives

I would like to begin regular updates. If wishes were horses, of course, beggars would ride, but let's see if I can do at least a little bit better than I have.

From the ever-increasing stack of my advance directives: If I have dementia and I am not peaceful in my dementia but rather miserable, and if I fall and break some ribs, and give myself a pneumothorax (collapsed lung), PLEASE do not put a chest tube in to reinflate the lung so I can go to a SNF for rehab. Chest tubes hurt for one thing, and if my memory is shot I won't be able to remember why it is there, and it will freak me right out everytime I see it, and so I'll probably make repeated attempts to remove it, and I'll end up in restraints. And I won't like that, not one little bit.

So: a big NO to the chest tube, a bit YES to Oodles O Drugs, aka Comfort Care.


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