Sunday, January 17, 2010

Notes At the End of a Tough Day

1. Drinking, as in alcoholic drinking, can kill you or your loved one at a shockingly young age. It's easy to think that one has years if not decades ahead to cope with the problem. Livers and kidneys can go pretty far south as it turns out before they let us know that all is Not Well.

2. If your loved one checked into rehab and came home early announcing he was sober and didn't need to finish? It probably isn't true.

3. People who are alcoholic do not want to be alcoholic. After awhile, a person addicted to alcohol is not drinking to feel good. He is drinking to stop feeling ghastly. And he doesn't believe there is any way, without alcohol, to stop feeling ghastly. And alcohol isn't working so well anymore...

4. If there is one disease that makes me wish in vain for a magic wand, it is addiction. Hell on earth for the patient and everyone who loves him.


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