Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Mt 10:16

So, I was sitting in my neighborhood Starbucks, fueling myself with caffeine while finishing my newsletter mailing, and there were a couple business guys at the next table, and one was doing all the talking. All of a sudden, I heard him say,

"We got to be wise as serpents, and innocent as doves, you know?? That's what we're called to do, my friend. We're called to SELL."

Intrigued by this I listened in. The talker was instructing his table mate about the fine art of persistence, of asking over and over again, of asking for contacts at higher levels while preserving the egos of contacts at lower levels, of 'testing' contacts to see how much information they'll divulge, all in aid of selling more products to a company, all in aid of revenue.

Do you suppose this is what Jesus meant?

My head hurts.


Blogger see-through faith said...

sorry for your head ache. Interesting use of scripture I guess - my head hurts a bit too now, my heart even more so :(

9:33 AM  

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