Saturday, November 26, 2005

Where did the week go?

I am *not* doing this week's Friday Five, because it has to do with Pie, which is an Occasion of Sin for me. Especially pumpkin pie. Scrumptious, golden pumpkin pie, oh my heavens, I think I could eat a whole pie in one sitting. Though a good blueberry pie is close, and sweet potato pie? A foretaste of heaven to be sure.

Finished my one fall quarter seminary class and am now focused on CPE, church job, wolfhound club newsletter, vacuuming, and LEAVES. It seems that Thanksgiving Weekend in my neighborhood is a traditional Leaf Blower weekend, so I'm going to go out and rev up my contribution shortly. I just can't let everyone *else* make noise while I remain quiet. And so far I only have four big bags to line up next to the curb, in contrast to a neighbor who must have at least a dozen. So I'm behind and need to catch up. Plus, it is a beautiful day, a day to be outside. One can always vacuum when the weather is bad.

Catch y'all later! Gotta go pile me up some LEAVES!


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