Friday, September 23, 2005


I have a front yard that is the worst-looking on my block. In our years of drought some bindweed variants took over, and I let them, because after all they were green! This year, though, we have had more moisture, and so I've decided to clear and re-seed some areas (one large area will be xeriscaped although I haven't got a plan for that yet). So every day I go out and pull weeds, from 15 minutes worth to an hour's worth. I've realized this is the spiritual discipline I've been looking for--there is something about sitting in the earth, the sun beating on my back, tugging each stem slowly and patiently to pull up as much root as I can, that is very centering. It also feels very metaphoric. My soul is full of weeds, and as much as I would like one, there is no quick fix. As with the lawn, if I look at the whole picture it is too daunting even to start, but if I commit to some time each day, I make steady progress. Yesterday I realized I've almost filled a 32-gallon trash can with pulled weeds. And one of the areas I'd committed myself to clear is about halfway done!

I'm going to go out and pull about 15 minutes' worth now. I need this time. Badly.


Blogger the reverend mommy said...

Same thing with cleaning house. There is some feng shui thingy that talks about the positive energy of an orderly environment. I think that the physical reflects the spiritual and the spiritual reflects the physical.

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