Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Note to self: Do not take all three dogs to the vets at the same time. Ever again. No matter how convenient it seems.

Second note to self: Yes, it is true that 36 pounds of terrier, divided between two dogs, can pull harder than 135 pounds of wolfhound. This is because the wolfhound, try as he might, can only go in one direction at a time. The terriers, because there are two, are not thusly limited.

First CPE last night. I think (she said, cautiously) that there are parts of this (she said, not wanting to be overly optimistic) that I may enjoy. The learning possibilities are awesome. The supervisors are very experienced and very, sometimes frighteningly, insightful. I am so grateful for the extended unit format that I'm taking. I know myself well enough to know that a 10-week unit probably wouldn't work for me right now, because I need the time to reflect and process. Also, logistically, I need to be able to take a course along with, to maintain pace in school.

Have been thinking some about 'theology' as it is taught in seminary and crafted by theologians. And thinking about my own style and how, given my past education experiences, I would expect to love theological reading and academic study. I have been surprised to realize that I find a lot of academic theology so "head-y" that I have trouble integrating it. The more theoretical it becomes, the harder it is for me to see that it has anything to do with God.

One thing I've learned so far is that theologies which are purely transcendent or purely immanent in their view of God don't feel complete to me. I find that I tend to imagine God as a definite entity that exists outside of me, not 'deep within.' I also imagine God as passionately interested in relationships between people, as well as in how people relate back to God.

Took a class on Religious Heterosexism this summer, in which we were exposed to a high-level view of a variety of 'gay' theologies. This was nervous-making for me as I found myself having trouble relating to all of them! Inherently each approach was formed in response to some form of oppression or opposition, and if one is continually reacting it is difficult to arrive at an approach that sustains over the long haul. And yet I think an approach that sustains over the long haul is what will be wanted, if people are ever to be able to come together and talk about GLBT issues, or even to talk openly about sexuality itself. "Gay is Good" theology is fine up to a point, and may be of great comfort to someone who has been so battered by the clobber passages that she, or he, can barely walk into a church, but it doesn't help someone who is non-gay who has heard untruths about "the gay agenda" over a lifetime and has never had reason to doubt them. As an example.

And all of the above is an example of why I should not try writing when I have a cold. Snort.


Blogger Sophia said...

Hi Terri! I't's to find your blog. Welcome!

I love wolfhounds (and most great breeds, in fact), and would have some sort of large rescued dog if it wasn't that the Mutt, my medium (50 lbs) rescued shepherd mix hates other dogs. :-( We're a one dog house...

Anyway, I'm relatively new to this blog thing too but I love it. Good luck and again, welcome!

9:25 PM  
Blogger the reverend mommy said...

I'm so glad you are a part of our ring/RevGalBlogPal community. Welcome!! And I am shorter and rounder and older that I wanna be. Wah.

7:13 AM  
Blogger St. Casserole said...

I would love to know about a course in hetero-sexism. I try to be inclusive in speech but find myself making assumptions about others along with heterosexist references like "marriage" etc. Anyway, I'm interested in whatever makes me sensitive to others.
CPE was a good experience for me although I recall being very tired of group process, tired of cold-calling patients, tired of verbatims and just worn out. About CPE being therapy in the midst of crisis, good! You'll have stuff to work on. I did one of my advanced units right after a miscarriage. I felt I got good help and support although it sure wasn't warm fuzzies. I had problems with some of the preachers in my unit and the work to deal with my/their issues was very useful.
Again, welcome. Or as we say East of the Mississippi, Wekkum.

4:31 PM  

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