Friday, September 09, 2005


I am now PLACED, meaning I have a new clinical placement for my CPE unit. As the actual classroom component started in August, it's a bit late for the clinical end, but... the students were all planning to do our clinical hours with the agency which employed our supervisor. Note the past tense. His organization was acquired by a large corporation which has now implemented a new staffing model that eliminated his position and three others. It's a real shame IMHO as they have lost some very talented people in their reshuffling (or series of reshufflings--the corporate entity has been making changes since the acquisition as most do, but these things are *very* hard to live through even for those whose positions remain). So CPE has been fraught with unusual drama for me and the others in my group. I thought briefly of abandoning ship but I really like this supervisor and have a huge amount to learn from him, so... starting over with placement! As of yesterday, I had my second interview and was accepted for a different clinical placement which actually may let me gain some learning in a wider variety of settings, which is all to the good when one is a rank beginner. The folks at the new placement are being very helpful with the time constraints; they have me starting orientation and shadowing activities Monday. Very kind. As if they don't have enough to do without fast-tracking a student intern.

So I am excited and nervous all at the same time. My supervisor has been most supportive (as well as challenging), assuring me that he does in fact believe in me, which I need to hear at times. We were talking about encouragement and he said that sometimes one needs to hear, spoken, what one already knows. I said, sometimes one needs a swift kick to get one to actually know what one should already know. And he kicks gently, which I appreciate.

For anyone from RLP chat who happens by: being PLACED is almost as good as being LOOSED (in the chat). For anyone who has not encountered RLP chat, visit and get yourselves signed up; then sit back, fasten your seat belts and tray tables, and prepare for a wonderful ride.


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