Friday, July 06, 2007

Friday Five

Long time no see, easing back into the routine via RevGals' Friday Five:

Today, what are you:

1) Wearing--Denim shorts, black AIDS T-shirt, and my fuzzy slippers. Very trendy.

2) Reading--Hmmm, let's see: a couple "bathtub books," plus K. Pargament's The Psychology of Religion and Coping. Although the latter is in tiny spurts; my brain is still recuperating from the last quarter. I think there are a couple pastoral theology books lying around too.

3) Eating--Just finished a bowl of reduced-fat chocolate ice cream.

4) Doing--Sitting on the couch, contemplating the rubble-like piles of books I am sorting. Repeating, "This looks worse than before, but it will soon look better." Repetition conveys power, so it is said.

5) Pondering--Will I ever find work? How badly did I suck in this afternoon's interview? Is the thermostat in the van starting to go bad? Am I a complete failure as a human being? Is there any ice cream left in the freezer?? How can ANYONE believe that going to war in Iraq was a good idea from any perspective? How can ANYONE think that racism has been eliminated in the US of A? Or sexism, or heterosexism? How can I most easily lose XXX pounds? And on, and on. Bedtime now!!!!


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