Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A pretty boring post

It was soooooo cold over the weekend that my windshield washing fluid froze in its jug (and in its reservoir as well). I have purchased a jug of SERIOUS windshield washing fluid that purports to be good to minus 34 Fahrenheit. Having done so I can rest assured that the remainder of the cold season will be warmer than the weekend. Despite the windshield washing fluid fiasco, my car cooperated brilliantly, starting without fail on the first turn of the key. I big-puffy-heart my car.

This afternoon I have to assemble the bits of a holiday package for my Sole Blog Reader (well, perhaps one of two, but the one related to me). Said reader is unlikely to be reading, as I suspect he is suffering the pain of Inevitable Disappointment From The Hero. Yes: Our President-elect, though in many ways apparently of sane mind, has proposed the Superintendent of the Chicago Public Schools as his choice for Secretary of Education. This on the basis of "experience with what's really happening in the classroom." I can barely type these words; I flinch, imagining them as so many lashes in the flesh of my Sole Blog Reader. On the one hand he was warned, as I did, I believe, mention the tendency of heroes to disappoint, while rejoicing with abandon at the results of the Presidential Election. I do feel constrained as a proper chaplain to inject SOME hope into the situation by pointing out that, as the head of an even larger bureaucracy in DC, the proposed Secretary may be hindered from doing any further harm to the hearts of minds of those who actually participate in What Happens in the Classroom. Also, should the selection pass muster, the City of Chicago and its Schools will have another Superintendent, and provided the current Superintendent's name is not hard-coded into too many places in the City's new computer system, things might improve.

You think?


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