Monday, May 31, 2010

More Mortuary Bad Fun

I was relaxing with a friend of mine who is a funeral director, who was serving as a sounding board for my story of a difficult interpersonal interaction I'd had.

"I tell you," I said to him, "I felt like putting a gun to my head in there..."

"The ol' .38 looking pretty attractive, eh?" he asked, sympathetically.

"Even a .22," I answered. "Granted, not a good stopper, but still a good killer."*

"It'll do the job," he agreed. "Not much damage, either. You could still have a full viewing."

Janet Evanovich would have been proud.

* I learned the difference between "a good stopper" and "a good killer" from a firearms expert who was a co-worker many years ago. That's the kind of arcane bit of info that is fun to drop into conversation, especially with friends like this one, who can take it and run with it.


Blogger Katie said...

This doesn't relate at all except that it involves a funeral director...

I walked into church a few Sundays ago and there was a casket sitting in the middle of the atrium. Most people were doing double takes, confirming it was Sunday, asking who died, etc. Personally, I didn't think twice about it. The man who's in charge of the atrium displays in a funeral director. Apparently he thought it appropriate for the week we studied the end of the Apostles' Creed ("The forgiveness of sin/ the resurrection of the body/ and the life every lasting"). I think it's safe to say it was powerful.

All in mortuary bad fun...

<>< Katie

11:25 PM  

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