Monday, December 05, 2005

We have SNOW!!!!

And ICE!! And WIND!!! and cold temperatures, and blowing newspapers, and blowing leaves, and blowing trashcans, and it is SO VERY EXCITING that one of the two of us who walk in the morning thinks that leashes, collars, and the like should simply be discarded in honor of the occasion. We are not of one mind on this question, the two of us. Although it might be more accurate to say that we ARE of one mind, because Wilson Wolfhound can think at most one thought at a time, and today his thought is simply OH JOY!!! and he has forgotten all of his leash commands in aid of fully embracing the change in weather. His huge puppyness is absolutely delightful to watch though at 140 pounds it is somewhat difficult to control. He is a supremely happy boy now that the weather is to his liking. We had a grand walk with the wind blowing, and to cap things off a minivan pulled up beside us and the driver rolled a window down so she and her daughter could see the dog. Wilson is tall enough that he simply stuck his head through the open window to everyone's pleasure. He is now asleep on the floor at my feet, completely worn out from the wind and bonhomie. I have got to get back to the verbatim I have due tomorrow night. But just had to post about my "BIG ole puppydawg" and his love of snow.


Blogger see-through faith said...

loved your entry in the devotional today. heartbreaking, honest, real and still full of the hope of God

thank you

9:31 AM  

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