Tuesday, October 31, 2006

This, too, shall pass

Have finished paper for one history class. It is 1 AM. God HELP me but this paper sucks, big big big time. Three more weeks until the end of the Quarter from Hell. I am

and even writing is hard.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Lay Committee Meeting

First meeting with my lay committee (5 folks from church who have agreed to meet with me monthly, offer input and critique and encouragement as needed, and participate in the review process) happened yesterday--we met for lunch after late service. Wonderful people, wonderful generosity of spirit around the table. Also mischief. Threats have been made that they will sit in front row with sermon evaluation forms on November 19, nudging each other, shaking their heads sadly, and writing furiously during the sermon. I don't actually put it past them.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

I am back...

I am back after a long hiatus. The summer was insanely but wonderfully busy. Now I am taking 4 academic classes, heavy ones, plus internship this fall quarter. This will be the quarter of "B" grades. I hate that. However I can only do what I can do. Next quarter, with two classes plus internship, will seem like vacation.

Planning team is back. They held a big meeting for all the "ministry leaders" in late September in which they stressed that we all needed to work on Building Excitement for our Christmas event. I asked, timidly, what they could say about the Christmas event, to help me Build the Appropriate Kind of Excitement. Well, they said, nothing was final. Just Build Excitement. No one else seemed to find this odd. As it now happens, the event will simply be an evening service on top of the two morning services. So I need to start Building Excitement for people to Volunteer to Work. Somehow I was afraid that's what would happen.

Had a blast in early September working our concession stand at the annual clash of our two state universities in football. Owing to disastrous experiences in past years, the stadium management prohibits beer sales during this game. Alas, the students from the two schools largely circumvent this restriction by arriving early in the morning, parking as soon as the lots open, and drinking furiously until game time. Nontheless, some want to buy beer at the game, leading to conversations like this: Student--"Gimme two Bud Lights." Terri--"Sorry, no beer sales today, not anywhere in the stadium." Student, reeling in boozy disbelief--"WHAT the F???" Terri, tongue firmly in cheek--"Don't worry, I think you'll be Just Fine, you'll make it OK without any more beer." Student, earnestly--"NO, no I won't, I won't make it through even the first quarter!!" My favorite was the student who, told there was no beer to be had in the stadium, spluttered and stuttered trying to find Just the Right Word to express his frustration. Finally, he had it. "This," he proclaimed, "is a Travesty."

Oh, to be young and privileged.

At church, we now have Young Pastor who is starting a church plant under the auspices of our church. He is not exactly a team player. Nor is he particularly clear about what it means to work with women as real, live peers. Especially the part about considering their POV during planning. I hope his church plant is a success although I don't know how effectively he can pastor female church members. And I am glad it is he and not I who is responsible for the church plant. That's not a task I would enjoy.

I have learned how to putter around with Micro$loth Publisher so am now able to help with last minute stuff for the bulletin etc. And my latest sermon went well despite a number of communication catastrophes, some involving Young Pastor. Next sermon is November 19. If ever I should live so long. By then I will have to be Building Excitement in a major way, though not so major as to induce the volunteers to Peak Too Soon.