Wednesday, September 23, 2009

If this is heaven...

The other night I was working a shift in the hospital. I was paged to a Code Blue. Most times when I'm paged to those the outcome is bad for the patient and family, so I was trying to get myself mentally in gear as I headed for the department that had paged me. I spotted the typical cluster of respondents--portable X-ray, lab, portable EKG, in a hallway, and joined them. The doctors and the nursing supervisor were in the room. The X-ray technician told me the patient was conscious and talking which is pretty rare. I peeked in and there were plenty of folks round the bed, starting medicines, checking monitors, and the like. The patient was on the bed, which was tilted so the head was downward, and was talking to a doctor. Usually by the time I arrive the patient has Gone to their Reward, is Resting, has Passed, is With the Lord, is In a Better Place, or has Crossed Over, effectively even if not officially. Lying head down? Talking to a doctor? If this is heaven, maybe I'm not so excited about trying to get there.

A rare good outcome; hoping things worked out for this patient.