Saturday, November 04, 2006

Keep New Life Church in your prayers...

The board of overseers has ruled, and Ted Haggard, who started the church, is out; the board believes that without a doubt he was sexually inappropriate.

I hope the members of this church can work through their disappointment/anger/pain without becoming MORE anti-gay. I hope Haggard's wife and five children will get help. I hope Haggard, in the course of his healing, can begin to answer the question of why on earth he was willing to do so much damage, just for sex.

If only these damn men (Haggard, McGreevy, et. al.) would just figure out a way to do what they feel they need to do without thinking they've got the right to have it all: the big job, the lovely wife, the kids, AND the something on the side. If only they could understand that their story, their feelings, their needs, are NOT the only show in town.


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