Wednesday, November 01, 2006


National Blog Posting Month, of course. Can I do it? Can I post We shall see. Feeling better now that the sucky paper is off MY desk (laptop, actually) and oozing suckitude onto the desk of the professor. Won't feel better when it comes back, most likely, but will take whatever I can get in the meantime.

After snowstorm last week, I have TWO bad shoulders from shoveling. Nerve injury in the right side which eventually causes nasty headaches; inflamed rotator cuff on the left side which, well, hurts. So I am carrying as few things as possible and shifting them from side to side. Oh, poor me. Not.

Church History professor came to class yesterday garbed convincingly as a wizard, with a tall pointed hat, black robe, and a very impressive set of false hair and beard. Carrying a huge wizardry book. Guest lecturer wore his academic regalia; I didn't get why until I asked him, DUH on me. His PhD is from Princeton, whose colors are black and orange. Black robe with orange striping and whatevers. Much levity.

And that's all for now!


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