Monday, November 06, 2006

Caffeine, wonder substance

...without which I would not be even trying to keep up! Wilson Wolfhound got a long walk today and a chance to Meet People and Meet Dogs; he directed us to friends' home, where we sat in the backyard with Jenn, visited with her and bichons frises Jake and ZZ, and got to see Jenn's husband Eric as well. Wonderful time, wonderful friends. Jake, the smaller bichon, is fearless when it comes to Wilson; Wilson properly recognizes Jake as The Bigger Dog. ZZ is Passionately Ambivalent about Wilson, but ran around him and sniffed, while wagging his tail--confident as long as Wilson didn't notice him. Silly dogs.

One more piece of work to do and then I can go home... and feed dogs... and go to bed. High speed Internet works much better than my dialup for Internet research (I had "web surfing" but "Internet research" sounds much more worthy, and it *is* for school).


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