Thursday, November 09, 2006

In California it is still November 8

so as far as I am concerned I am still writing a post a day.

Fighting a cold.

How could I have forgotten to mention the most momentous piece of news from yesterday? Britney Spears filing for divorce. I mean, who could have seen THAT one coming? Gosh. (Tongue firmly planted in cheek of course.) I think what they once had in common was that they both thought he was hot. Not sure how that could be, but stranger things have bound people together.

The one person I know reads this blog should be getting Nervous. This year, I won't do the Twelve Days of Christmas, but am seriously considering the Four Weeks of Advent. There is some lovely giftware in the world that just BEGS to be sent. That same person has the best looking bunch of grandkids anywhere. There ought to be a law against such good looks.


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