Saturday, November 25, 2006

Back at last

So much for blogging every day during November. At least I've gotten back into the blogging habit, which makes me very happy actually.

I ended up really sick; got through my professor's site visit OK (I think; can't really remember the sermon except people seemed to like it and find it thought-provoking as well as humorous, so it can't have been as awful as I fear it was). Dr. G., my professor, is a mensch, he really is, and he hung in there for the whole service and the meeting of my lay committee, had lunch with us, was full of insights and questions and respectful attention to the committee. I don't think this particular prof can DO "disengaged," and the committee was delighted by him. One committee member remembers the last faculty member who supervised a candidate from our church, and that faculty member just popped in and popped out and basically said, "Carry on." Dr. G. is a huge contrast, offering his contact information to the committee, telling them he is available for support and suggestions, affirming them, enjoying them, being very self-disclosing, offering his insights into the competing priorities I am juggling, etc. I thought it was a very productive meeting, and Dr. G. said he thought it was "terrific." He also enjoyed the humor at church. I wasn't sure how he would respond to the humor in my sermon because I like to play off stereotypes, we all do, and so I was playing with the stereotype of the Gay Male with perfect taste. I had the whole congregation laughing over my accomplishment of choosing, by myself, an outfit that complemented my Bible cover. Dr. G. had said, don't preach to him but to the congregation, so I resolutely didn't even look at him. One committee member asked what he thought of the humor and he responded immediately that he loved it, laughed his head off, and believes that if there is a playful spirit in a church that's a sign that something important is going right. So that was good. One more task left on the site visit, and that is a meeting between me, pastor, and Dr. G., and hopefully that will happen in the next couple weeks. The committee wants to work further with the learning goals, inspired I think by our discussion of how the denomination's agenda (have the student clergy acquire ability to do certain tasks, or proficiency in certain areas) differs from the school agenda (have the student define areas he/she wants to explore). So we'll talk further in December about that and about how that conflict has rather caught me in a squeeze. Especially since I am very interested in chaplaincy.

My final papers totally sucked, and I hope I can pass what I need to pass. I was still quite sick plus on a large dose of antibiotic plus 40 mg of pred per day, and I felt edgy and driven but absolutely unable to focus, as if ideas kept swirling around and just as I'd got a grip one one it would recede into the muck, so writing was (unusually for me) utter hell. I was just relieved to hand the things in, and I expect really poor grades, but it was all I could do.

Finally feeling a little better, breathing better, two more days of antibiotic. Of course, in the middle of everything, a huge chunk of filling AND tooth have fallen out. In the holiday week. I did get an emergency temporary put on, but that lasted less than twelve hours before IT fell out too. I will go in either Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning. Luckily not much pain, just a dull aching on that side of my face. This'll be a crown, which is fun with NO dental insurance. I will hold out for the least expensive fix; we can always get fancy some other time, I think. But I'm virtually certain it can't be filled again, because there's almost nothing left.

A bit behind on my brother's first Advent box-let. I have had to do the dog club newsletter. However, a plethora of little items awaits wrapping and shipping. I *did* find something perfect but it is out of my price range. The item rendered me speechless, featuring as it did a music box, some lovely resin sculpture, *and* a snow globe containing -- wait for it -- three Wise People, gifts, and a palm tree. What's not to love? It is all the fault of Sara at Going Jesus for getting me to notice, really NOTICE religious kitsch.

So tonight I need to get the labels printed, so tomorrow we can ship the newsletter (friends are helping with the mailing assembly, bless them!!!) and then on to whatever is next. HOORAY!


Blogger SpiritMists said...

What a fun-written blog entry! I resonate with the "my papers really sucked" statement---I have felt the same way for the past semester or two, due to similar circumstances.

Thanks for your story!

10:31 AM  

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