Thursday, November 09, 2006

Thursday evening,

and what a relief; I was afraid somehow it had become *Friday* evening and I had gotten nothing done. That may still happen, but I am hoping it won't. Cold is continuing to fight back. Took big silly dog for walk to college campus, oh joy!! people!!!! to see ME!!! My sweet dog.

Spiritual direction today, thinking about the twists and turns of life, how it takes us over and over to the same questions, with different viewpoints each time. The big questions don't get quick final answers at all--you get to see them reliably, and each time feels like the beginning.

Will do a memorial service Saturday AM. It's a simple one except that the family has arranged for doves to be released outside at the end. Last time I saw the dove thing, it took awhile to get them to agree to come out of their cages and fly. I hope these doves are more cooperative. The family, I am told, is grieving deeply as one would expect, and stupid doves will only make the whole thing worse.

Off for Nyquil.


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