Monday, November 13, 2006

Good grief, I missed a day!

But I have a good excuse: after the two services in the morning (with the hallucinating congregant at 9 AM who scared some of the volunteer liturgists half to death with bizarre behavior), and a nap in the afternoon to keep trying to ward off the cold, it was off to Boulder to set up for the worship service there. The man who had panicked about not knowing what to bring to set up the altar--the one I had promised to work with in Denver after the 11 AM service--had forgotten that discussion and decided to go to Boulder only, so I hauled everything up and was met by him, distressed that I was ten minutes later than I'd said. We still had 50 minutes before service, so it was no big deal. We set up, I ran the service with the volunteers, although not as carefully as I ought to have; they'd all been chosen by Church Plant Pastor, but apparently he'd not told the guy leading congregational prayer any guidelines, so we got a lengthy prayer with all masculine images of God, and such formal wording I doubt the college students even understood it; it's not what church means to them. Turns out it is a generational thing and an educational thing; Prayer Guy is a lovely man who was trained in a very conserving theological seminary many years ago, and his language reflects how he prays in private. Next time, I should remember: when someone says, "I have a prayer all written out!!" ask, tactfully, to see it. So, schlepped all the stuff back down, and off to sleep again. I have to take the stuff back to church tomorrow.

Oy, today was drafting a paper for Ritual and Worship and then meeting with the group to run the service demonstration we are doing tomorrow. It is as hard for me to negotiate with too MANY good ideas as with too few. I think we have something more-or-less workable even if theologically a little scattered; we are presenting an interfaith service, and those often *are* a bit theologically wide open.

So--time for more sleep!!!


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