Saturday, November 11, 2006

The cold is winning...

Thank heavens for tissues with lotion.

The memorial service went well. A lovely family. And the doves co-operated, and the cat was nowhere near when they were released. Luckily.

The news yesterday said that Britney had dumped K-Fed via text message. A class act to the very end, no?

I do not think I will *ever* get all the papers done, especially not with my head stuffed up. This is just what I needed, NOT.

However I had to go to the bookstore to get some books for the group presentation that happens Tuesday, the one that keeps growing willy-nilly to the point where I no longer have even a clue what we're doing, and THAT was nice. They have some grand gift items. Like the Marie Antoinette action figure with the button you press to make her head fly off. Now THAT's a visual that might actually hold the attention of middle schoolers.

Church is having its art auction this evening. I *should* be there, but my excuse now is that I am contagious. Plus having to study. And now I am going to bed.


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