Monday, December 11, 2006

Back again!

It has been awhile (again), as I realized that I had gotten really, really run down and needed REST. Plus the city is coming to do a dye test on my sewer line tomorrow which will, they anticipate, prove that I need to have the thing dug up and repaired at my expense, plus both cars have "Check engine" lights (one is now in the shop, the other will go in as soon as that one's back) so I have been hit with the economic equivalent of a major migraine. Why these things couldn't wait until I am done with school I have no idea, but it must have to do with God's occasionally unfortunate sense of humor. Weary, weary is how I feel, but happy anyhow.

Very little besides the absolutely necessary is getting done. But the dogs and I are enjoying each other's company. Christmas lights are up. I am working on two sermons, plus working at the food pantry two shifts each week, plus, plus.

Another sad story--another pastor of a big evangelical church has resigned as allegations surfaced of his same-sex connections. Poor man and his poor family, he has fought his homosexual inclinations since childhood and has a load of internalized shame. And he married without telling his wife; she knew nothing until last week. So much healing needed on all counts. AND, he still believes homosexuality is sinful, and would still teach that. So much suffering and all needless in my opinion. Prayers for that family and that church--they'll need 'em.

Service in Boulder last night--they are working on the order of service THEY want, and musicians from that community sang and played, very nicely. I will preach there in January and they seem happy about that. But I didn't get home until late, so I could sleep all day, but it's food pantry day today! Gotta get cracking soon here, so will sign off for now.


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